Includes some classical tajweed texts such as Adaabul Qaaree, TuHfaTul ATfaal, Jazaree, and Nooraaniyyah.

Memorization of Quran in one or more of the 10 Qiraat.

Student is directed step by step on how to have the correct manners, knowledge of tajweed, memorization skills and lifestyle of a Haafidh.

In addition to this curriculum all HifDH students take part in the Tafseer course to ensure they learn the practice of what’s being memorized from Quran. This course is offered as a package in conjunction with the HifDH course and does NOT cost any additional fee!

Details on the days and times of the Tafseer course can be found under the courses tab.


Our courses are offered in a fully equipped virtual classroom. The classrooms includes tools such as a white board, chat box, microphones, webcam, screen sharing, attendees list, and much more. All features included are accessible to both staff and students.


Each student is expected to participate via microphones and chat box and attend as many live classes weekly as possible. Full class participation in class is how the majority of the student’s grades will be generated. Weekly assignments are to be completed and submitted to professors upon request.


This course is offered four days per week.
Sunday through Thursday with various recital times available.


Registration is $20

Tuition is $50 per month.

Yearly rate of $600

All students must enroll under our “twelve month commitment policy.” This means students are required to commit to staying in this course for the minimum of twelve months and cannot unenroll from the course before twelve months. If breached, student will be charged an additional fee for breaking this agreement. 


At the conclusion of this course the students should have acquired completion of the classical mutoon offered, stronger memorization, a deeper understanding of the Quran and the Sunnah, proper etiquette, Ijaazah in what the Ustaadh offers ijaazah for, and more confidence in the recital/memorization of Quran In shaa Allaah ان شاء الله.